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Wealth Management

Investors Trust helps individual clients with all their retirement needs.  We offer:

We help answer the big questions:

The dynamic of retirement is changing. People of all ages are saving less, and their means to save are significantly different.

Historically, companies provided traditional pensions for their employees; however, the number of employees covered by company pension plans has fallen drastically over the past several decades. The number of workers participating in pension plans has declined to less than 20 percent today from 40 percent in 1980, according to the Congressional Budget Office, and companies have increasingly replaced traditional pensions with 401(k) plans.  These newer retirement plans place more of the savings burden (through employee contributions) and investment risks on employees, particularly in those cases where savings plans are self-directed without clearly defined goals and an understanding of prudent asset allocation practices.

In addition to managing your personal savings, we can also provide advice on your 401(k) plan—helping you evaluate these investments in light of your larger portfolio.