We are selective about the relationships we accept, and prefer to accept new client mandates at a measured pace, enabling us to sustain our high service standards. While life stages may be different for each of our clients, we know you:

  • Want to work directly with primary decision-makers, rather than be at the mercy of a representative relaying advice from decision-makers in a distant city.
  • Desire complete transparency, including disclosure of all relationships and fees.
  • Welcome policies and procedures that protect your wealth and comply with rigorous standards of regulators and auditors.


Family at beach

Client 1: Planning Ahead

Rob & Lina are planning for college for their middle and high school-aged daughters. They are both working professionals contributing to retirement plans. How can they be sure they’re ready to responsibly approach the upcoming college costs?


Client 2: Active Retirees

After selling their hardware store five years ago, retirees Claire & Don have relocated full-time to the mountains and visit family and friends 3-4 times a year. What’s the best way to invest the money they earned with the sale, while assuring access to funds so they can travel comfortably?


Client 3: Generational Wealth

The Smiths have been living in the Triangle for over four generations, and continue to expand their family’s community standing through local business ownership and board positions at two universities and four local charities. How can they maintain and preserve their wealth for future Smiths?