Goals – We begin by listening to what you want to accomplish, both now and in the future – new home, education, retirement, philanthropy. We help you assess and clarify your tolerance for risk to align with your goals.

Investment Policy Statement – We create an investment policy statement that formalizes your strategy and serves as a guidepost for managing your assets. We review it regularly, adapting it to your changing needs and circumstances.

Investment Strategy Committee – We meet regularly to consider updated macroeconomic events, market cycles, valuations, returns, trends, and regulatory policies and how they affect your portfolio.

Strategic Asset Allocation – We identify a mix of assets that is consistent with your goals and income requirements, overlaid with the level of risk you are comfortable assuming.

Investment Selection – We take a top-down and bottom-up approach in selecting quality investments in line with your asset allocation.

Tactical Asset Allocation – We make tactical shifts in market segments, weightings, and asset class exposures in your portfolio so you can capitalize on market opportunities and imbalances as they arise.

Risk Management – We monitor your portfolio to ensure you are comfortable at all times with its level of risk, applying various metrics to assess potential market drawdowns.