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Trust Services

Trusts are a critical element in the estate plan of many individuals and families. Trusts are established to minimize estate taxes, and to allow the grantor a certain degree of control over the assets in the trust, which are typically left for the benefit of a surviving spouse, children, or charity.

A trust, particularity an irrevocable trust, is a contract that places a tremendous amount of responsibility in the hands of the trustee, who is charged with administering your assets and personal wishes in the best interests of the beneficiaries of the trust – potentially for a long time. As a result, your selection of a trustee is very important to you and your family.

Investors Trust Company is a corporate trustee chartered by the North Carolina Commissioner of Banks. In general, a trustee is responsible for the legal administration of the trust, the investment and management of the trust assets, recordkeeping, and the preparation and filing of tax returns. Trustees must balance the interests of the various trust beneficiaries, distribute funds according to the wishes of the grantor of the trust, pay bills where appropriate, and act as the custodian of the trust assets.

At Investors Trust Company, our professionals are highly knowledgeable in trust administration. More importantly, we are sensitive to the very personal family dynamics generally associated with financial matters. As a trained corporate trustee, our advisers are objective professionals who will faithfully carry out your wishes.

Steve Pike with Bob, an Investors Trust Client
Steve Pike with Bob, an Investors Trust Client