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Investment Management

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Our approach to developing investment solutions is rooted in the belief that managing risk is as important as generating returns. Utilizing disciplined fundamental analysis and quantitative research, our experienced investment professionals develop investment solutions that are customized for each client based on their unique objectives and risk tolerance. The fundamental pillars of our investment process are:


Client Goals and Constraints

It is our job to create an investment portfolio that is right for you. Together we build an Investment Policy Statement that provides us with an investment mandate and you with a clear line of sight to your goals. Your Investment Policy Statement serves as a roadmap, that is reviewed and adapted frequently to your changing needs and circumstances.


Strategic Asset Allocation

We begin the investment selection process by considering a variety of investments available to investors. These investment choices are analyzed to determine how different mixes of investments can minimize risk and maximize returns across a spectrum of investor profiles. Ultimately, we diversify client investment among selected asset classes to mitigate risk. In constructing the strategic allocation we consider:


Tactical Adjustments

Investment markets are constantly changing. In the short term, asset prices are influenced by a variety of factors. We monitor various market cycles, valuations, returns, trends, and a host of other variables to identify opportunities to increase or decrease exposuretoa particular segment of the market. Implementing these tactical decisions seeks to bring enhancements to performance, reduction in risk, or both.