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How We Manage Portfolios

Our seasoned team of portfolio managers provides customized, discretionary money management to individuals, families, businesses, endowments and foundations. Once we agree upon an investment policy that takes into account the client’s desired return objective, risk tolerance and time horizon, we build and manage a portfolio to achieve those objectives.

Rather than mutual funds, our portfolios consist of individual equity, fixed income and money market securities, affording us greater flexibility, lower cost, and enhanced tax efficiency.

We are an active investment manager. At Investors Trust keeping up with the market is not good enough. We strive to outperform the market and our peers over full market cycles. We do not believe in market timing; however, in periods of higher than normal market volatility we may increase cash levels.

Most of our client portfolios have exposure to equity and fixed income investments. We believe that appropriately allocating investments among these three primary investment classes is the best way to manage both risks and long-term results.


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