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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Investors Trust Company different?

A: Most of the professionals at Investors Trust Company have come from large banks. We’re here because we believe that large banks have become very impersonal, generally relegating clients with less than several million dollars to a centralized “service center” and a “one-size-fits-all” approach to managing your assets. Investors Trust is a legal fiduciary and is legally obligated to put your best interests ahead of ours. We manage customized portfolios of individual stocks and bonds intended to meet our client’s individual investment goals and needs. Each client has a relationship manager and a portfolio manager assigned to their account. We listen to your needs and desires. If we cannot meet your needs, we will tell you so. Our primary goal is not to “sell services,” but rather to understand our client’s needs and mutually determine if we are a good fit and can add value to your individual situation. Yes, we want more clients; more importantly, we want more happy clients.


Q: Does Investors Trust Company only manage trust accounts?

A: No. Investors Trust manages and helps clients with taxable investment accounts, traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and company retirement plans in addition to serving as trustee for trust accounts.


Q: What is the average industry experience of Investors Trust Company personnel?

A: The professional team at Investors Trust Company averages more than 20 years experience.


Q: What is the amount of assets managed by Investors Trust Company?

A: Investors Trust Company manages more than $500 million and is responsible for more than $650 million of client assets.


Q: Does Investors Trust Company have account minimums?

A: No. Investors Trust Company does not have an account minimum; however, we be believe that we generally are able to add value for accounts greater than $500,000. We do make exceptions if mutually beneficial. Our average client relationship is approximately $1 million.


Q: How is Investors Trust Company compensated?

A: Investors Trust Company is a fee-based investment manager and trust company.


Q: Is Investors Trust Company like a broker?

A: No. Investors Trust is a trust company chartered and regulated by the North Carolina Commissioner of Banks. A trust company is a legal fiduciary meaning that we have a legal obligation to put our client’s interests ahead of our own. A broker does not have a fiduciary relationship with its clients.


Q: What specialized training do the professionals at Investors Trust Company possess?

A: All officers of Investors Trust Company hold college degrees from accredited colleges. Two officers hold a Masters degree in Business Administration and one holds a Masters degree in Education. Two team members have earned the designation of Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA), and one earned the designation of Certified Retirement and Certified Mutual Fund Counselor. Two team members are graduates of the Southeastern Trust School at Campbell University.


Q: Does Investors Trust Company have trading discretion?

A: Yes. Investors Trust will buy and sell securities on your behalf based on your specific investment goals and objectives. At least annually, we will personally review your account with you.


Q: Are your clients' securities safe?

A: Yes. Client securities are held by an independent custodian and are not commingled with the assets of Investors Trust Company. Client assets are not subject to any claims or liabilities of Investors Trust Company.


Q: Are references available?

A: Yes. We have many current clients who have agreed to let us use their names and serve as references. Please refer to What Clients Are Saying.


Q: Does Investors Trust Company carry errors and omissions insurance?

A: Yes. In addition, Investors Trust has fiduciary coverage and the full guarantee of its parent company, Investors Title Company.