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Our Process

Listen.  Understand.  Plan.  Build.  Monitor.

We think of the wealth planning process in five steps.

We listen.  We want to know how you think, what keeps you awake at night, what makes you feel secure and what you value—financially, personally, professionally.  We want to know where you want to be in five, 10, or 20 years from now.  After all, if we don’t know where you want to go, it’s going to be hard for us to help you or your organization get there.

We Understand.  Investment success is difficult, if not impossible without a plan.  Investors with a well thought-out plan have a clear idea of their needs, their wants, and who they are as investors:  The things they worry about, the people they care about, and how they want to shape their own future and the future of those important to them.

Trust Process

We plan.  Planning is never as easy as drawing a straight line between two points.  We build a cohesive financial plan for our clients, one that balances market risks, tax considerations and the special circumstances each one of us face, whether it’s a college education, a professional career change, the dissolution of a business, or the funding needs of an endowment.  

We build.  We build investment portfolios around your needs, not some pre-determined portfolio.  Our customized portfolios are meant to provide maximum flexibility and sensitivity to taxes, risk, and desired outcome. We take all your assets into consideration:  those we manage as well as outside retirement funds or other assets you control. We work closely with other professionals, such as your attorney and tax advisor, to build a plan that provides the financial security you need and the peace of mind you want.

We monitor.  The job is never done. Circumstances change.  People change.  Markets change.  So we stay in touch—with you, your business or organization, and with your portfolio.  And that’s with one goal in mind:  To make sure the plan we put in place still makes sense.  In addition to regularly monitoring your assets, at least once a year we conduct a thorough review of your holdings.  And, of course, we’re always here to answer your questions or to meet to discuss your concerns, progress, or questions.